A breather and Good Music

I’m back and blogging due to popular demand of my huggable housemate (you know who you are). After no one helped me with new phone suggestions I felt ignored, hurt and that my blog was unread and unwanted. It caused me to think whether anyone would really care if I never blogged again? Then I realised, it’s not about looking to others to appreciate my blog it’s about me apprepciating my blog! draw any parrallels with social society and the ultimate quest to find love? I digress. Another reason why I am writing this post is because frankly I need a breather from all the uni work I’m throwing myself into before I run myself down, im sure you can relate. A nice cure to stress I find is good old music. The combination of rhythmic sounds and soothing voices seem to always melt my troubles away. Talking of  good music, why don’t you have a listen to Shax:



till next time


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Hi again!

So blog number two and what am I going to talk about today…. Today I am going to talk about convenience, more specifically the convenience of communicating with your flatmates using the internet or your mobile phone just to avoid getting up and walking 3 steps lol. Yes that’s right I would rather sit here in front of my laptop and facebook chat my housemates then get up and waste all that energy walking to see them lol  and I don’t think I’m the only one, right? Anyway my point is I think technology is adding to my already increasing fatness,lol.

As a society I don’t think we are that far from being that fat tub of lard in the ‘I’m lazy’ music video were technology does everything for him while he sits in a chair all day. We are increasingly told to do more exercise and yet we are also told to not do so much and let technology do all those ‘hard’ and ‘inconvenient’ tasks for us. This whole topic ties in with a lecture I recently had about progress and whether there can be a point where there is just too much progress and unecessary progress. Where do we draw the line?

Increase the peace!

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Hello world!

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